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The first half of 2015

Having not been very good at keeping up with this news page, I thought I'd just recap the last 6 months, during which a great deal of music has been produced and delivered. Selected highlights have been:

The Love Project - 45 mins of original music for Essie Krukenmeyer's in-development project....may be dance, may be installation... will definitely be very beautiful. 

Grounded - Blue Cow produced this rip-snorting one-woman show, and Annette Downs (legend!) directed an astonishing performance by Jane Longhurst. She also directed what I thought was a very effective and restrained sound design. I really just made what I was asked to make, and it worked very well.

Sex With Strangers - Samuel Johnson and Tottie Goldsmith are performing in this two-hander for Straightjacket Productions and Tasmanian Theatre Co. I flew to Melb for a couple of days and watched rehearsals, came back and wrote all the music and sent it over with the stage manager 2 days later. So I've not seen the music with the play, but I've been told it worked(!). Lots of guitars and some tracks I'm quite fond of. Caleb Miller mastered the tracks for me, which was a great process that meant I could avoid the ear-fatigue pitfalls of a fast turnaround like that.

Bespoke - While in Melbourne I also sat in the edit suite for a day going over the music for Bespoke, a three part doco series for ABC. The show is coming together really well, and the music's quite different than my usual stuff. A really enjoyable project and process, looking forward to watching the result when it's broadcast.

The Shadows Calling - Opening in 2 days is this extraordinary installation for Detached by Patricia Piccinini and Peter Hennessey, being presented as part of Dark MOFO 2015. I was invited to meet Patricia along with a number of other Tasmanian artists last year, and out of that process was asked to compose a performance piece for this work. I'm very lucky to be collaborating with Alyson Patmore (with whom I worked in the development process), an extraordinary singer and fearless performer. Arts Tas and Tas Regional Arts assisted Aly and I with resources and we recruited Dave Carter to design the tech (a 6 channel setup driven through Ableton). I was then asked to compose and produce another piece for another room in the installation, which I am making the final tweaks on today. Also part of the installation we have had a record cut, on no-foolin' vinyl, which is pretty radical.

Radio Gothic - I spent a week with writers Briony Kidd, Allison Doll-Mann and Carrie McClean to develop a theatrical presentation based on the idea of a radio play. It's an idea Briony and I have kicked around for a while and then she went and made it happen. We had a few days with actors Sara Cooper, Craig Irons and Katie Robertson who helped develop the scripts. We then presented to a panel who in turn invited us to present the work (Briony's The Pit) in the Rawspace program as part of the Tasmanian International Arts Festival. We pulled it together insanely quick and presented the show twice (alongside Jeff Michel's beautiful Elle). We are looking forward to developing a series of stories for presentation as both live theatrical works and podcasts.

There are many other projects that have been completed in the first half of 2015, but these came to mind when I sat down to write.